Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heart for Haiti

It was a year ago. Already a year ago.

Do you remember where you were when you heard about the devastation that happened in Haiti?

Canada sent help. We sent lots of help. But not enough.

And then we couldn't shield our children any more, and we couldn't figure out how to tell them. But when they found out, they showed us unexpected beauty.

The world shuddered in recognition of how quickly a life could change and tried to extend a hand of compassion.

It's a year later now, and Haiti is still recovering. We're still discovering new ways and new opportunities to help, and discovering things about each other we never realized. Like how one person can make a difference. Or how simple, silly things like having a toothbrush and some candies in a shoebox can make a destitute child grin.

We're also discovering that joy lives on in the souls of Haitian artisans and craftsmen. That even the stunning blows of the last year haven't erased the colour that they fill their day-to-day lives with.

Look at these:

The Heart Of Haiti store is full of gorgeous crafts like these. Heart of Haiti was set up to bring art from Haiti and make it available to everyone - artists receive 22% of revenues, enabling them to make money in an area of the world where little is left to make a living with.

One more thing we can do to bring joy back to Haiti. One more thing.

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