Friday, August 9, 2013

YOP this!

The ad campaign says:

'We’ve had it easy all summer-long, not really having to get our kids up, fed and out the door, fueled and ready for a day of learning! Soon, back-to-school will once again be here. Sports, student council, volunteering… the pressure will soon be on to help encourage our summer loafers to become high-achievers (or maybe just “stay-awakers”). YOP, with all its delicious flavours (and new Orange Blast coming soon!), can help!'

And boy, have we ever had it easy. Summer is the time when the kids fend for themselves in the morning, when the toaster and the fruit basket get equal play while they're up and around and my husband and I are still blearily hunting for coffee.

This fall (in eek! FOUR WEEKS!) my son starts junior high (in a new school) and my daughter enters fourth grade. The new bus schedules are bewildering, and the idea of leisurely pointing them towards the bagels or mixing up pancake batter is...well, laughable.

There is NO TIME for leisure when you have to be on the bus at six-thirty. There is only HURRY, HURRY, where'syourcoatandyourshoesandyouragendaIdon'tKNOWwhereyouleftyourbackpackistodaylibraryday? And then a quick gulp of silence before it starts again with the girl who has to be on the bus at seven forty-five.

Hi, honey! Where's YOUR backpack?

School mornings are fantastic for YOP. Grab and go. What could be easier? And I know they'll finish it and it won't be abandoned on the bus, half-eaten. Drinkable yogurt YOP gives them a good start in the mornings so they can concentrate on their schooling and expand their horizons.

Now, if it would only help them remember where in hell they threw those backpacks....

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