Friday, April 3, 2009

In love with a genie in a bottle (I think that's what he is)

I have always loved Mr. Clean. It works well, is easy to use and just makes your house smell deeply, nose-bustingly clean.

The original stuff was great. But now they've added Febreze. Mmmm. Now my house smells clean and fresh - a hard thing to pass up!

I also tried the new Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Wipes. These are thick and readily take on any mess - including counter tops, the top and front of the stove, and even the inside of my fridge.

(I have a lovely new fridge that goes oddly manky at times. But this took care of the smell, and also scrubbed up all the bits and sticky things.)

The Mr. Clean Erasers? Take years of neglect off lawn furniture. They clean walls. They're amazing.

Now, I need to close this and go find ways to use the Lavender and Comfort Multi-Purpose Spray. Mmmm.

Thank you, P&G!

Go here. At the bottom of the page, choose what country you're from. People from the States, there are coupons, and Canadians? There's a great giveaway.

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